Website maintenance


Over time, every website has a need for updating, actually for adding, changing, or deleting content. Many people don't understand the benefits of maintaining the website. Having someone who will regularly update and maintain your site is something that you do not need to seriously think about, but to provide it. It's not just about changing your content, but there are other things to keep in mind. Over time, your content get old, the name in your domain may expire, links to other websites can be changed, and many other things can go wrong. Before you become aware of that your site may become dysfunctional and lose its position in the search engines.

There are sites that require maintenance from time to time (maintenance as needed) and there are sites that require maintenance very often (monthly maintenance).

WEBmanager is here to give you support in both cases. You take care of your business and we will keep an eye on your site.

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